Brewery in Planning: Armadillo Ale Works Uses Online Fundraising


Bobby Mullins and Yianni Arestis have a dream to bring quality craft beer to Denton, Texas, and they’ve proven that the Denton community is ready and eager to support their goal. Along with many of the traditional fundraising routes, the duo has successfully used Kickstarter to raise $30,000 for the funding of Armadillo Ale Works.

Kickstarter is an online fundraising platform that millions of small businesses and individuals are using to help fund their projects. The kicker to Kickstarter is that you must reach your fundraising goal by the date you establish, or none of the donated funds will be recognized.  It’s an all or nothing gamble that is paying off big for the University of North Texas graduates.

Mullins and Arestis cut it close, but contributions from 371 people and a whopping $2,500 donation from Don Thorp pushed them over their goal. 

“I’m fairly new to Denton, but I love the community,” Thorp said in an interview with the Dallas Observer. “I saw they were trying to open up a brewery, and we don’t have one yet, and I like beer. So I thought this is something I can do.”

Thanks to the craft beer fans in Denton, the brewery is scheduled to open in the summer of 2012. Keep up with their progress on Facebook and Twitter

Here’s the video behind their Kickstarter success.

See the complete Armadillo Kickstarter project.

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