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Craft Beer Muses

Good Beer Gas II: Nitro Beer Thrives

While America’s craft brewers continue to focus on the ever-popular India pale ale, increasingly dabble in sour styles, and churn out an endless release of lagers and ales with exciting and exotic ingredients, there remains strong consumer demand for roasty and balanced beers. Brewers have taken notice and are releasing porters and stouts, often offering them nitrogenated.

Craft Beer Muses

8 Craft Beer Cookbooks for the Holidays

There are a number of beer cookbooks on the shelves these days that talk about cooking with beer, pairing beer and food and experiencing flavors on an individual level. Here are some suggestions to bulk up your home library that will fill your head with knowledge, your home with flavorful aromas and your stomach with satisfying meals.

Craft Beer Muses

Is There Craft Beer in Antarctica?

Antarctica is the highest, driest, windiest, emptiest and coldest place on earth—and naturally there are no breweries within its borders—so beer must travel to Antarctica. As Retail Manager for the U.S. Antarctic Program, Jason Kirk has the task of supplying beer to the more than 150 crew members stationed in Antarctica.