Cheers to a Year in Beer

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amber colored ales with scarf and snow

As another year in beer begins to sunset, we thought we’d share some highlights from’s year. 2023 sure felt like that old saying: the days are long, but the years are short. We felt that while waiting for Thursday (or was it Tuesday?) to become Friday and oh, we for sure recognize that as we come to the start of 2024.

If you’re feeling the same way and ready to look back on 2023, we suggest starting off with this article about cocktail beers. Grab a Sazerac or barrel-aged Old Fashioned and settle into that winter mood. We’d like to suggest a little So What from Miles Davis to round out your reading experience.

If you’re like us and always ready for some recipes to try before the end of the year, consider starting a batch of cinnamon rolls. These little bangers are even portioned out in individual mason jars. Nothing says thanks for coming over (when are you leaving?) like cinnamon rolls in their own carryout container.

Maybe you’re craving something warm for dinner, a little braised hug. Something you can set and forget or let simmer while you last-minute shop or end-of-year clean. Or you could be like us, put it all off, and open a beer or two. There will be time for doing things the day after you make our version of Coq au Vin with a brown ale.

Sometimes it just feels like certain meat recipes need a new twist. If that’s been on your mind, head back with us and read up on Smoke and Beer. There’s a sweet spot for smoke, food, and beer. For us it starts with a beer, this article, and what you really should be doing if you’re cooking turkey later this year.

Hosting family and friends this year? Go you! And you should definitely plan a brewery night. Check out your local breweries and see who’s upping the experience with game nights. Get out there and compete and when you lose it won’t be to your cousin who keeps reminding you how they won.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth—and who doesn’t?—check out this gingerbread stout cake. It screams “add whipped cream or ice cream and sit by the fire with a stout.” It wouldn’t be mad at being served for brunch or having a slice cut off as you walk by, either.

Daydreaming like Clark Griswold staring at his new pool? Pour a pint and pick an island from this article that provides yet another reason to go island hopping when you need a winter break. No one will judge if you start packing now.

If, like us, you can’t wait to get into the the great outdoors next spring and summer, consider daydreaming about that first beer at the end of your hike, river trip, trek, or drive with this little number. Remember: there is no better sip than that first sip after conquering the wild. We won’t judge if it’s just a local park trail, either. You got out there and crushed it!

Looking to add to the options in your holiday beer fridge? Consider the Imperials. There are some big, bold flavors in here that want to be invited to your holiday sweater party.

You might catch us taking a break from holiday music and hitting some highlights of 2023 by prepping to the grooving swing of Jungle, chilling out with Teddy Swims, or making the entire room sing along to Fast Car, Tracy or Luke’s version. Whatever you have on, turn it up, pour a pint, and cheers to 2023.

We can’t wait to share more stories, recipes, communities, and breweries with you in 2024.

Signing off for the year here,

— Adam, Jeb, Sarah, Rachel, Jill, and the entire team at

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