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Craft Beer Muses

The Evolving American Brown Ale

The evolving American brown

Beer style guidelines leave much to the imagination when it comes to the American Brown Ale beer style, and craft brewers are taking advantage of that by adding their own twists.

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Beercation Destination

9 Train-themed Craft Breweries

Train Station Breweries

Railroads offer a glimpse into a piece American history, and these nine train breweries keep those memories of the past chugging along.

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Craft Beer Muses

12 Craft Beers That Taste Like … Beer!

trotwood lager beer

Beers that taste like beer were around long before beers tasted like a pastry, a latte or a milkshake. Check out some of the crushable lager beers sweeping through the craft beer world.

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Craft Beer Muses

Beerosaurus: 11 Dinosaur-themed Craft Beers


Kids aren’t the only people fascinated by dinosaurs! Craft brewers geek out over these larger-than-life prehistoric phenoms and these dinosaur-themed craft beers prove it.

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Beer & Food

11 Breweries and Brewpubs with Impressive Menus

brewery vivant food menu

U.S. craft breweries and brewpubs are stepping up their game when it comes to their food menus. Here are a few of the breweries who are on a mission to create adventurous, delicious food to match their craft beer.

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