John Mitchell

John W. Mitchell has served from sailor to CEO, with stints as a reporter and writer. He is a published writer and award-winning photographer. John is the owner of SnowPack Public Relations in Cedaredge, Colo., and lives with his wife, who—on most days—loves him more than her horse. John is the author of the novel “Medical Necessity” (J. Willis Mitchell).

John's Articles

American Craft Brewers Experimenting with Märzen

For traditionalists, Märzen is celebrated with a nod to the Reinheitsgebot, the 1516 Bavarian purity law that specified that only water, barley and hops could be used in the production of beer. But for the more adventurous brewers out there, Märzen is yet another opportunity to do something uniquely American. more»

Prison Hill Brewing Co.

Prison Hill Brewing Co. Owner Chris Wheeler sold his bio-medial business, moved home to Yuma, Arizona, to be close to family and brought residents the only brewery within 200 miles. more»

Granite Mountain Brewing

At Granite Mountain Brewing, their recent third anniversary was really more of a rebirth. A lot has changed since founders Audra Yamamoto and husband Damon Swafford opened their craft brewery just around the corner from Prescott, Arizona’s once infamous Whiskey Row. more»

Historic Brewing Co.

The Kennellys of Historic Brewing Co. have made the leap from a T-Rex themed, man-cave brewery and taproom, to a hip and happening Barrel + Bottle House destination in the downtown Flagstaff. more»

Wanderlust Brewing Company

Nathan Friedman, owner of Wanderlust Brewing Company in Flagstaff, Ariz., is a mechanical engineer by day and a creative and efficient brewer by night. more»

Prescott Brewing Co.

John Nielsen opened Prescott Brewing Co. in Prescott, Az., on March 15, 1994. Now, more than 20 years later, they've added a second production facility, canning line and a lineup of award-winning beers. more»

Narrows Brewing Co.

The Narrows Brewing Co. in Tacoma, Wash., might just have bragging rights to the most awe-inspiring location in terms of both view and drama. more»

7 Seas Brewing

Located in Gig Harbor, Wash., 7 Seas Brewing recently celebrated their fifth anniversary and new 3,000 square foot tasting room and production brewery. more»