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Craft Beer Muses

10 Bucket List Beer Bars

beer bars

What are the must-visit American beer bars? We asked a few brewers what their favorites were. Here's what they had to say, straight from the source.

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Dogfish Head: Beer and Benevolence

Brewing Rain Water

The folks at Dogfish Head are known for tossing unique ingredients into the boil, but their most precious ingredient is something all breweries use: water.

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Flying Dog & OLD BAY® Release Dead Rise Summer Ale

Dead Rise Summer Ale

Flying Dog Brewery has teamed up with OLD BAY® seasoning to create the recipe for Dead Rise Summer Ale. Proceeds from Dead Rise support True Blue an initiative of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

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Craft Brewing: A Business of Passion, Art and Science

Is Craft Brewing Camaraderie on its Way Out?

As craft brewers take on more of the overall beer market share, everyone’s been asking: will the camaraderie between craft breweries continue to be as close-knit, or will the “rising tide floats all ships” mentality start to dissipate?

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Odell Brewing: Good Beer, Good People

With craft breweries taking on more of the market share each year, social responsibility is increasingly important. Odell Brewing showcases the art of craft brewing in America—it’s about making good beer and being good people.

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