New Republic Brewing Takes College Station by Storm

By Kirby Bennett

Founded in May 2011 by John Janusky and Dean Brundage, New Republic Brewing (NRB) is “a small production brewery founded by two guys who love good beer.” Together with their wives, the homebrewing buddies started the brewery as a side project, in order to learn about the industry before going in full-time. Well, full-time has come.

In addition to a privately funded $212,000 expansion, the small Brazos County, Texas, brewery managed to raise nearly $17,000 on Kickstarter to purchase a Wild Goose Canning line. If you are not familiar with it, Kickstarter is an increasingly popular fundraising website, with a reward system for backers based on their donation.

For their campaign, NRB asked its fans to “Put your money where your mouth is so you can put our beer where your mouth is!” As rewards, NRB had 20-ounce imperial pint glasses, laptop skins, t-shirts, reusable shopping bags and more. Plus, everyone who pledged got to vote on what summer seasonal will be brewed in 2013.

“This expansion wouldn’t be possible without our supporters, and making them a part of the brewery makes it all worthwhile,” said Brundage’s wife Adrienne.

In order to pay tribute to other craft trades, Janusky and Brundage always name their beers after tools or products used by craftsmen of all different skills. Currently NRB’s two year-round beers are Bellows Amber Ale and Skylight Dunkelweizen.

Next time you’re in Aggieland, be sure to stop in and chat these guys up, maybe you’ll even see the new canning line in action! Soon you’ll be able to buy NRB canned brews at local College Station liquor stores too! The future for NRB is looking bright!

Kirby BennettKirby Bennett’s love of craft beer started in 2002 when she was living in Amsterdam and discovered an amazing bottleshop called De Bierkoning. A long ways now from sipping La Trappe on the canals, she is currently the Craft Beer Program intern for the Brewers Association. She is a Cicerone® Certified Beer Server, holds a BA in English, dabbles in homebrewing, and makes a mean quinoa salad. She hopes to continue her career somewhere in the distribution world, then someday open a sustainable beer bar in whatever city she decides to settle in!