Best Beers in America

By Julia Herz

According to the experts who read Zymurgy Magazine…

It’s always fascinating to see what beers rise to the top of the favorites lists from experts. Well if there ever were experts for beer and craft beer its readers of Zymurgy magazine, one of the main homebrewing magazines published today. The beers they list easily classify as dessert island beers from those who know.

For 2010 Zymurgy readers were asked to send in their 20 favorite commercially available beers. In this eighth year of the poll, a record 2,867 votes were cast for 1,192 different beers from 450 breweries.

So were there any surprises? Well not really since the same beer has now won two years in a row. Russian River’s Pliney the Elder (named after the Roman naturalist who created the botanical name for hops) beat Bell’s Two Hearted Ale by two votes! Want to know beers 3-50? Just check out the 8th Annual Survey of Zymurgy’s Best Beers in America.

Shared is also Best Portfolio (family of beers) and other lists that help shine a light on homebrewers favorites for the year.


*The Brewers Association, publishers of, also publishes Zymurgy Magazine via the American Homebrewers Association Division.