Caring Moms Deserve Craft Beer

By Guest Blogger

May is on its way and along with the flowers comes the day to celebrate our mothers. What better way to show how much you appreciate your mother then to take her out for brunch at a brewery or brewpub.

Mothers all across the world have brewed beers for their families.  In fact up until the Industrial Revolution, in many areas of the globe, women out numbered men as head brewers. For example in the 1300s, virtually all English ale-brewers were women. Currently, refreshing styles such as the lambics, light ales and hefe-weizens are greatly sought after by women. According to Teri Fahrendorf, President of Pink Boots Society, “Homebrewing Moms still brew at home…Moms enjoy beer. Some of us ARE moms.”

Teri also states,”We’ve gone underground with our grassroots effort to start an annual worldwide event called, “Bring Mom Out for a Beer.” We’ve begun to spread the idea among beer consumers, in order to generate demand.” In response to the ever increasing female craft beer enthusiasts, breweries all over the United States such as  Gritty McDuff’s, Silverton, Nebraska Brewing, Roots Organic Brewing, Victory, Sprecher and Shipyard are all featuring Mother’s Day brunches and special events, with the opportunity to tour the facilities and sample their craft beers. From Australia to Zimbabwe, Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world each May. Let’s all bring our mom out for a beer on Mother’s Day. Cheers to our Mothers!

Are you taking your mom out for a craft beer experience? Please share your plans below. Also check out this article from Draft Magazine listing and interviewing women brewers in the craft beer industry: Top 10 Beers Brewed by Women.