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Holiday Ale Cut-Out Cookies

Holiday Ale Cut-Out Cookies

These tender cookies use a concentrated spiced holiday ale and orange zest to create a dough that can be rolled thick and cut into all kinds of fun holiday shapes. They are perfectly enjoyable as they are, but feel free to decorate them with your favorite frosting. Choose a winter-warmer style with an IBU of less than 40 with notes of holiday spice.

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Six-Pack Cinnamon Rolls

beer cinnamon rolls

These cinnamon rolls are baked in half-pint, wide-mouth mason jars, creating a convenient grab-and-go breakfast or a fun way to add some character to a beer-tasting brunch. Several beer styles will work well to create a tender, sweet dough. The basic lager is a solid choice, but don’t be afraid to branch out to a brown ale or spiced beer. You’ll need a little patience with these rolls in two ways. First, the dough rests and rises in the refrigerator for 20 to 24 hours. Second, it is a sticky dough, so use generously floured hands and surface to work with it. It’s worth it in the end, I promise!

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Beercation Destination

Secluded Craft Breweries in California’s Central Valley

Hidden Craft Breweries in California's Central Valley

Hidden between the coast and mountains, these somewhat secluded central California craft breweries are turning out hazy IPAs and barrel aged stouts that rival those pouring from better-known California craft beer destinations.

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Craft Beer Muses

New Year’s Resolution: Drink Your Veggies!

If you're making a resolution to eat more veggies, here's a better idea: drink them. Contributor Lori Rice shares five craft beers that are inspired by gardens that will help you get your greens.

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