Perrin Brewing Company

By Kirby Bennett

When opening Perrin Brewing Company, business partners Jarred Sper and Randy Perrin wanted to create a packaging line that was unique and different. Instead of trying to reinvent the bottle, they decided to go retro with flat-top cans. You know, the kind that you see in movies from the 50s and in the occasional eBay auction?

The Flat-Top

Flat-tops are like tiny kegs and were used until the pop-top style can was invented in 1962. They require a tool to open, called a church key—but don’t worry, every six pack of Perrin beer will come with a church key gratis, so you never have to worry if you left yours at home. Continuing in the retro theme, each beer is named simply after the style, and the cans have a minimalistic design to make the Perrin brand stand out.

The Talent

Brewing their impressive line-up is Nate Wasler, (Founders), Brian Thorson (Drakes, Trumer, Harpoon), and most recently Sam Sherwood (Waldorf Pub). Local favorites so far have been the Golden Ale, Raspberry Blonde, IPA and Black Lager.

The Layout

The brewery currently has a 20,000 barrel capacity, but sits on several acres of land, so expansion is imminent. They have a hop garden, complete with some territorial ‘brewery birds’ who keep down the critter population. Future plans for the new brewery include a barrel-aging program.

The Opening

The tap room, which opened on Friday, September 14, seats 218 and features a loft area, windows that allow you to gaze into the brewery, an outdoor deck and shuffleboard table.The kitchen is a permanently installed food truck that serves everything from cheesesteaks to vegetarian flatbreads.

Check out the fun photos from their red carpet opening and hear about their latest events on Facebook. Next time you’re in the area, stop by the tap room for some tasty beer—maybe the chance game of Euchre—and be sure to pick up a six pack with your very own church key!

Kirby BennettKirby Bennett’s love of craft beer started in 2002 when she was living in Amsterdam and discovered an amazing bottleshop called De Bierkoning. A long ways now from sipping La Trappe on the canals, she is currently the Craft Beer Program intern for the Brewers Association. She is a Cicerone® Certified Beer Server, holds a BA in English, dabbles in homebrewing, and makes a mean quinoa salad. She hopes to continue her career somewhere in the distribution world, then someday open a sustainable beer bar in whatever city she decides to settle in!